Public speaking can be stressful but with the right help, you can be spectacular. Maybe you are worried about delivering a difficult message or perhaps you lost your point in PowerPoint. I create speakers who impact, inspire and get results. Whether you’re preparing a keynote or gearing up to speak on a panel, I will help you shape your message and deliver it powerfully. When we work together, we’ll uncover your authentic voice, craft stories to illustrate your point and construct a speech which will ensure you come across confidently, from your first word to your last. Coaching ensures you're credible, authentic and inspirational.

"Olivia has been my speech coach for 5 years and seen the teams I lead grow bigger. In healthcare we are very science-driven and tend to communicate in facts. Olivia has shown me that even scientists have feelings... :-) I love how she mines my ideas for relevant stories, suggests dynamic ideas, adds a quirky twist, always ensuring that I 'm comfortable delivering it. I'm more authentic and inspirational now when I present. Whether it's a video message, company meeting or conference, she helps me inspire and energize others."

Uta-Maria Ohndorf

General Manager @ Roche Diagnostics Österreich

"Olivia is a pleasure to work with, warm and kind but fierce at listening and excellent at giving feedback. Olivia made a big difference in my life. I feel more prepared to present in front of big audiences and have the feeling this is just the beginning of the journey!"

Carmen Balacianu

Head of Marketing and Business Partnering @ Roche

"In the run-up to a big conference talk. I was delighted that Olivia could help me take my skills to the next level and really sparkle onstage."

Liz Osterloh

Tech Comms Lead @ DCMN

"Despite limited time and extremely short notice, she provided absolutely timely advice and highly concentrated value & support.
She was able to quickly identify and target the most effective improvements achievable within my time frame."

Miki Adderley

eSolutions Sonova Group

"Olivia inspired me like no one before. I definitely went out of my comfort zone and realized quite quickly what it needs to create a fascinating speech that catches peoples attention."

Jan Christoph Schulz

Senior Business Development Manager @ DCMN

virtual coaching Virtual

HELP! I'm presenting and I'm not ready!
Virtual coaching is perfect when you need professional help fast. Together we'll clarify what you are saying, to whom and for what purpose. We'll find stories that bring your message to life. I guarantee stress levels will drop, your confidence will rise and you will deliver a memorable and impactful presentation.

Your Presentation - Ready in a Day Your Presentation Ready in a Day

You want your speaking skills to do justice to your ideas. Spend a day with me, in a supportive and safe environment. Shape your message so you impact the way you want to, staying authentic and true to your values. Learn techniques used by BBC moderators that will improve your presence and stage charisma. Speak well and inspire.

Big Event with Multiple Speakers? Big Event with Multiple Speakers?

You know that the success of a big event relies on the quality of its presentations. Hand that over to me. I'll get your speakers' presentation ready. With a mixture of virtual and one-on-one coaching, my team will turn them from speakers that inform into speakers that inspire. Your event will be the sensation you hope for.