The Future of YOU:
    communicate powerfully, think innovatively, lead confidently.

    None of us are tailor-made for leadership, but it doesn’t mean we can’t lead. None of us are tailor-made for holding speeches, but it doesn’t mean we can’t speak. Our biggest asset is ourselves, defects and all… and our biggest liability..? Believing those ‘defects’ limit us. Instead of trying to fit in, we need to stand out and be authentic; vulnerable; transparent as speakers, as leaders, as people.

    Buzz words in business today, include agility, change management, risk, innovation, and of course, growth mindset. To put these ideas into practice, you need to be an engaging and persuasive leader. More than ever we need to communicate powerfully, think innovatively, and lead confidently.

    In my keynotes, I share stories, tips and strategies learned from those who have attained success. Your audience will leave my session infused with new ideas, the motivation to try them out and a refreshed revitalized energy to be the best leader they can be… defects and all.

    "Olivia touches your inner motivation and makes it burst with desire to change. She delivered an impressive keynote on "reinvention" - a sensitive topic at the time - yet she managed to reach out to every single person in the room, making sure everybody would truly connect through her story to their own thoughts on reinvention."

    Marco Marion

    Production Technologist and Co-founder of Future Energy Lions @ Shell

    "Olivia is indeed the kind of speaker one can never forget. I attended several talks that she held at Roche, such as the Women in Leadership meeting and the “Communicate to Inspire” Summit. She captures the audience from the second she hits the stage, always starting in a smart and surprising way."

    Christine K Jacob

    Digital Strategist @ Health Tech Researcher Hoffman La Roche

    "Olivia's audience research ensured she steered her keynote to where the most benefit was to be gained. Her knack for getting participants to share, construct and explore ideas collectively was striking. The energy she incites in the room and the passion she awakens makes her one of the most valuable people you can engage in your business, to ignite your sales teams."

    Emma Kake

    Manager @ Technology Park Western Australia

    "Olivia is a great speaker with a great story to tell that is motivating and inspiring to others and gives them the confidence to believe they can also be great speakers if they try and are open to learn!"

    Peggy Grueninger

    Head Corporate Donations and Philanthropy

    innovation The Future of You… Innovation

    Innovation starts by looking to the future, or does it? In order to find innovative solutions, we need to define what we think, defy what we know and redefine it from a different standpoint. To create space for the new we first need to empty out preconceptions. It’s not that easy, because what we learn in life tells us how to define things, it creates benchmarks. Those benchmarks limit our thinking.

    In this keynote I stand things on their head to provoke a new perspective. Your teams will go away bursting with new ways of looking at things.

    Define, Defy and Redefine.

    The Future of You… Public Speaking Mastery The Future of You… Public Speaking Mastery

    Companies focus on marketing rather than on polishing their people's presence, persuasiveness and presentation skills. When your people communicate ideas dynamically they demonstrate leadership, boost the brand and move from predictable Powerpoint to delivering a powerful point. I've helped leaders globally make significant shifts. Whether in a meeting, or on stage, make your communication as impactful as a great movie.

    Your audience will walk out the door with actionable strategies.

    Helping leaders and teams bravely and boldly express ideas.

    The Future of You… Leadership Mastery The Future of You… Leadership Mastery

    It's our individual differences that make us who we are, let's embrace our diversity and take ownership of our direction. What shapes your leadership style? We explore, what we are good at, what we've learnt from our weaknesses, how we've reconciled with them and where it could lead us if we dedicated ourselves 100% to achieving our mission. My leadership keynote inspires self exploration, identifies traits and lays out clear paths to motivate change.

    Helping business leaders grow confident mindsets.